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Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
I doubt the funny pipe is the main issue like boots says something else is going on. I wouldn't use funny pipe trying to push 6gpm though. It is a bottleneck in a system that needs minimum pressure loss. 40' is really pushing it. 30-35' max with 5000s in my book. May have to swap them all out to maxi paws.
I just came back from messing around with the system for the last few hrs. Here are some updates.
I reduced the total of all nozzles to be 10-11GPM vice 12. Substantial increase in throw distance. On a 5GPM nozzle i am now throwing about 36-38', and a 4GPM i am at around 35-36'. Some are at the 32-34 mark too.

The zone that i was chucking 25' had a 6GPM and an 8GPM. I switched them both to 5GPM and i am at about 38'. It doesnt look like any of the streams to touch another head, i am short on most all of them, that i cannot fix. Its a screw up. Everything does get covered but not like it should. I cannot get the end of the stream to touch another head like i wish.
It seems that 5GPM is the max nozzle size and the sweet spot, if i try to go any large the distance falls short by ALOT.
So i have 3-4GPMs in the 180s, 5GPMS in the 360s, and 1.5-2GPMs in the 90s.

I really looked at the pattern, and i think the only thing i am not happy with is how the "rain curtain technology" Everything does get wet inside the circle but i still think about 30% more water goes to the last 2' of arc. My soil being so sandy it likes that 30% more water, but if i could have it more even i would be happier.

What is a good head changeout to use. I have about 50 heads, but not going to replace all of them. I was looking at the Falcon 6504s because they have a tri nozzle design, vice a single like the 5004. Anyone like these. I was trying to stick with rainbird, and it looked like the 6504 could just screw right into the same base. So i dont have to do any digging. I see its a 1" inlet but i do not want to upgrade all the fittings and stuff like that.

You are pretty much dead on with the distance of the 5004s. I am happy with the numbers but it is def low from what they claim.
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