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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
Thing is, is the soil is really sandy, the system may be pushing the envelope to cover all the plantings, and is better off with crappy pressure and maximum flow.

The textbook solution would have been a separate one-inch tap at the street. Curbside meter in a large pit that can also hold a DCVA and master valve. One-and-a-half inch mainline.
Ya you are correct. I should take some pics, the soil is pure sand. I think this is why on the coverage i end up with a the last 2' of the arc to be darker green while everything inside is barely holding its own this time of year. The last 2' with these heads has large water droplets, doesnt seem like even coverege like they claim. I am not interested in redoing everything, its thousands to have a new tap at the street, and i am 550' from the street, then another $1000 for a 1" or larger meter. 3/4" meter for residential is not that bad but anything more is commercial.
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