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You're right...P slapper

Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Dave....its not a luxury to work is a hot sweaty lawnmower shop...
Fact is...most people can't work on their tv's..cell phones..or even their own vehicles either...
Mechanics don't get the best seats at restraunts or have the swedish bikini team hanging around...Most of us do this stuff because we weren't very good at anything else..if you want to find something simple to may have already found it...its called ....complaining...
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One should not complain about things they can't change, such as 4-mix machines having nothing but issues...That is why I went with another machine...I don't have a 4-mix anymore, so what do I have to complain about? The luxury I spoke of is time to mess with a 400 dollar trimmer when the issues should be minimal in that pricerange. Time to be on a job and calling Stihl and the dealer to find out why the machine is giving issues. Stihl owners seem to think time is an illusion. Gas cap issues/recalls, valve issues, problems starting, machine stalling, all for the wonderful price of 369 plus tax...You definitely get it for what you pay for with them...
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