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Just found a post from 2006...I remember this nonsense...

I just had a tension spring shear on my stihl fs110r totally disabling the trimmer as the trigger sticks in the full throttle in a million defect? ...the Stihl fs110r has too much torque for me most of the this point, I am questioning commercial equipment...spend 4 and 5 hundred dollars on this crappola and it spends time on the BR600 had trigger and run problems...

I remember when this happened--I was furious...Hmmmm, when machines are down, people lose money...time is money...hmmmm, not making money due to shyt machines being broken and sitting on the bench is called complaining? But hey, the kids don't need to eat, right? In fact, with your reasoning, why don't people just do lawncare for free? OakNut, your names fits you well...How about you drop the Oak?
I had many more problems with these machines even after this nonsense...And Mr. Nut, I am not plenty to do...the thing I do best is avoid people like you...that makes me happy.
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