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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
In regards to front tine tillers.

1.) I think it was just a poor design personally. With a horizontal, you would wear out belts first before anything else. With the vertical, you had a direct drive and that odd clutch. If the clutch worn out, then you had to remove the motor completely to fix it. I'm also guessing that it's cheaper to do a pulley system rather than a direct drive. If syntrifical clutches were cheaper and more cost effective back then, then you might have seen the vertical shaft stay around.

From the standpoint of rear tine tillers, I've never seen a vertical shaft rear tine, always horizontal direct drive to a gear box, or to a pulley system.

2.) I really feel there was no real advantage either way between a horizontal and vertical front tine tiller.

Yes, I forgot to mention it was in regards to front-tined tillers.

For the same reason, I noticed that even Montgomery Ward abandoned front-tine tillers with the V-shaft engines (model 92902 type 0783) around 1976; my 1975 Fall/Winter catalog shows a model 1531 with this configuration.

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