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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Around me the Briggs BB and the Kawi's are the same price in the Cheetah. As for how much? That's hard to say because it all depends on the dealer's size, and/or desire to move equipment in my experience.
This is interesting; any mower prior to this point with a Vanguard engine normally sold for 3, to sometimes 5 hundred less. Kawasaki has a well-established name that people are familiar with and willing to pay more money to own, kinda of like JD farm equipment.

Vanguard because of being associated with the Briggs name has been trying very hard to build their reputation. I personally believe a Vanguard is the best mower engine on the market today, but they've had a very hard time overcoming the old Briggs engine reputation.

What you've stated about there being no difference in price between the same mower with either a Kawasaki or Briggs Vanguard is telling me some of the negatives associated with the Briggs name is diminishing.
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