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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Just at the very top and only during starting. Centrifugal force pulls the ACR back after it starts.

I used to ride a Honda XR500 that had a manual release. Big pain trying to kick it over and time letting go the cr lever. Get it wrong and your damn near get your leg broke. Wonderful advancement, takes a lot of strain off starters and recoils.
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Depends on the engine. Some just have a "bump' on the cam lobe that holds the valve open at low crank speeds, the "bump" is always there but the duration is such that it has negligible effect at operating speeds.

All this babble about rocker arms/adj. etc. Do I gotta remind ya about L-heads, I'm sure y'all remember them, no?

Before ya buy that HF tester, read the reviews, most are not good!

The Kohler tester can be found here: You can prolly get it from your Kohler dist. or directly from Kohler.

Personally, I much prefer my OTC unit, if you do any 2 cycle work, you'll come to appreciate the 10mm adapter.
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