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fall aeration, how many passes?

i'm already planning for aeration and seeding (fescue) this fall. i read somewheres that you have to do a minimum of 3 passes with the aerator.. i would guess slice seeding could be better.. i don't have one,.. A&S is pretty standard service here in georgia anyway. I've always been told to make one pass with the aerator, then seed, light straw in bare areas.. done. of course i learned all this at trugreen years ago (i know..). i've cared for 100's of lawns that have been done this way (working for trubrown), and the results always seemed great to me every year. They would usually hire some young kids to do this.

so who makes more than one pass? i wouldn't mind doing more than one, but since it would be more work, i would have to charge more.. so my fear is that if i make it standard to do 2 or 3 passes, potential customers will be scared away by the price. I just want to best possible results.
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