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yeah, i do remember the wheatstraw germination. i'm using a bluebird aerator. i got it serviced and running good, its fast enough now. but still a pain to run. i could always have different price levels for aeration, so i can still get those who don't want to pay for extra aeration passes. i'd like to do 2 passes, but definetly gonna have to work that into my price.. that is WORK right there. lol
I'll definetly have my sales pitch down on why my price will be more. since i'm not slice seeding is there really any advantage to seeding first, then aeration? wouldn't mind getting by without the straw, the light colored rye growing up over a nice fescue lawn is always ugly looking.

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remember straw = ANNUAL RYEGRASS . We are cutting out all of the straw this year and better results are achieved with more holes/ sq ft. What type of aerator u running
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