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Originally Posted by MikeTA95 View Post
Finally got some information for you guys.

First - tried plugging the seat sensor back in, lawn mower still killed another battery so that isn't the problem.

Here is the mower info-

Toro Model # 74173 Serial #200000517 Engine Kawasaki FH601V-FS06-01
tests on the wires from the stator.

1. You need to connect you ohmmeter between the two wires and test resistance and it should be 0.01 to 0.1 Ohms.

2. You also need to check for continuity between each stator pin and ground.
There should be no continuity or (infinite ohms)

If the stator fails either of these tests then you will need to replace the stator

Check the regulator at full throttle should show 12 volts I think should no more then 14
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