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Ok. So if you have the optional hitch and have drilled it out to accept a conventional ball shank this makes a good jack point and seems to handle the lift stress with ease keeping things out of the way.

Warm up system, remove your rear wheels, remove the park brake springs (I used a small needle nose vise grips for this), get a large diameter drain pan so it catches the oil leaving the filter housing (and run off from the frame) and also can catch the oil draining from the drain plug at the same time, (the drain plug I deducted is the only bolt (7/16") on the bottom of the pump which is not painted), remove the oil filter cap and allow to drain, loosen resivoir cap to aid in draining, remove bottom drain bolt and allow system to completely drain, remove filter with small hook or wire by pulling straight out, moisten new oil filter seals, replace o-ring on filter cap with supplied, reinstall filter and oil filter cap, reinstall drain plug (I guess using the original o-ring), torque to spec., fill at reservoir with 20w-50 engine oil of choice (Amsoil) without opening optional fill vent, and bleed per manual.

Hope this helps.

On another note. Sticker on pump says assembled in USA. Oil filter cap and filters have stamped made in China stamped on them. Who'd a thought.
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