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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
good to hear...i always wondered why most were installed inside, other than if there is no option for power supply outside...we are definitely in blowout country, i always forget we have all kinds of climates on me it would make much more sense for the controller to be on the outside, especially here, for any and everything...some customers want you to do EVERYTHING from simply setting the time to repair to blowouts...i absolutely hate always having to coordinate with the customer
Having to constantly set appointments usually costs me money to the point where we are going to charge an appointment fee. We always try to do appointments on the first stop of each technicians schedule, otherwise we give them a 3 hour window.

Way to many unknowns are in the schedule each day, so we had to either have the guys kill some time or they were late. Maybe it is just me or maybe not, but we have always had trouble with appointments.

I tell the customers that complain over the window, that even huge corporations like Comcast give a time frame. About 50% of the time, the customer is either late or a now show. In the past I have billed the no call / no show to the customer and they always blew a gasket not wanting to pay, but hell I am having to pay my guys and we were there on time as schedule per the homeowners request.
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