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Originally Posted by GallucciLandscaping View Post
Hello to all you hardscaping pros!

I need some help/insight on unilock's new rivercrest wall material...
Has anyone tried to make a fire pit out of it?
All my suppliers and reps say that it can not be done however another contractor (who is very good/professional and lots of experience) has told one of my current customers that it can be done. He speced out a 7' firepit. What are your thought?

I've used this product for a pillar and that has been it, so far.

I went to their training this spring and they showed 2 layout building a square fire pit using this product. The unilock website says using all 4 sizes gives you a 4.1' radius, and using 2 of the sizes yields a 3.5 radius. So your competition is correct.
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