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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Great week! Stayed on schedule even with the holiday. We had it kinda cool compared to the rest of the country. The usual mid summer rush is on. What is with all the Pinellas guys doing weekly service for 10 bucks a cut? I'm going to enjoy this morning on the deck with some grilled garbage omelet. Two more weeks to closing on our new (to me) house.
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10 bucks a cut? Sounds like another scrub that will be out of business before September. No way can you make any profit unless it is a very small property, like 20 min done, I have heard of some doing the under cut in this area, but I think their equipment may have fallen out of their Honda Civic trunk.
I had a hard week, but it all got done. Didn't cut on the 4th, had to watch my 2yr old, but was out the next day and caught up. Picked up another account this weekend too. I even had equipment issues, still managed somehow. Hope all had a nice holiday, got some rest today, so the freight train will be charged up for the week. Dodging the rain ofcourse....
Peace bruthas! WOO HOO! Gonna finish my beer with an epsom salt bath and turn on some Johnny Cash....

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