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Looking for a paving sub on Long Island NY- nassau and suffolk

Thinking this is the best place to put this for someone who does paving in my area, if not maybe move it to sealcoat?
Just as the title says, I'm looking for a reputable trustworthy sub to do my paving and sealcoating work. I have customers that approach me all the time asking for masonry projects as well as some paving or sealing and I would like to pick up this work but it often falls through due to the headaches involved for me. I have done it myself before but I would rather specialize and sub the work. I have one job already in southern nassau that I'm going to have to rent a roller and do myself if I dont find someone soon and putting prices in on a few others. I usually do the rip, prep, and borders, just need someone to come in and do the paving.

message me here or post
Thanks guys
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