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Originally Posted by watsmi57 View Post
you should service the hydros at 75 hours and at every 400 hours thereafter. per the manual. my manual also did not say specifically to use a synthetic. I called Gravely and they said high quality synthetic oil only in the hydros. They wouldn't recommend a specific brand but my dealer said they use mobil 1 in them.
Yea, I go a little over board on the maintenance. I change oil and filter on the engine at 7 hrs instead of 10 and I installed petroleum based 10w-30 Mobile One Racing oil which has high zinc/phosphorus content for better lube. Then at today at 52 hrs. I changed the engine oil and filter again with Amsoil commercial small engine oil and serviced the hydros with new filters and Amsoil 20w-50 high zinc. In my mind the engine and hydros should be broken in at this point. Now I'll fall into the schedule of 100 hrs. or once a season on the engine and if available I'll switch from the OEM filter to an Amsoil and I'll go 400 hrs or a little early on the hydros from here on out.
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