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Originally Posted by bare31 View Post
GrumpyDave, Why were u glad to get back to your TT?
Several small reasons. Large / flat lawns are the exception around here so the higher speed of the Cheetah was wasted and on the steeper lawns I thought the TT had a lower center of gravity and "felt" more stable. while we had the Cheetah we seemed to be using the walk behinds on more of the marginal lawn areas.

The deck on the TT will raise to and mow at 6" vs 5" on the Cheetah. Doesn't seem like a big deal but it makes a difference when curb hopping or doing 1st mowings on overgrown properties.

The saddle tanks needed on the Cheetah for the suspension block your line of sight to the rear tires and back corners of the deck. With the TT you can glance down while you're mowing around trees etc and see the clearance.

The liquid cooled 29hp DFI Kawasaki motor in the TT uses (my estimation based on history of TT versus two weeks of Cheetah use) 30-35% less fuel compared to the 32hp air cooled carbed Kohler in the Cheetah and I like the driveshaft powering the mower deck on the TT.

Lastly it may just be familiarity. Been mowing with the TT for long enough to trust it and know its' limitations. If I had the Cheetah for a season I might feel differently about it. The Cheetah is an awesome machine if you can utilize its' strengths but in my life the TT is a better fit.
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