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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I hope that is the case puppy.

I am used to seeing the B&S engines of any stripe including the Vaguard, be less here as well, but the only two Scag dealers anywhere near me sell the Cheetah at the same price for the Kawi 31 and the Vanguard 32. Now this was the FX850's they had, but those they had when I was in looking at them in late April were still showing/labeled on the engine labels as 31 HP, and being sold as 31 HP machines to their customers at the start of this spring, and on into May last I chatted with them about this particular point. The larger of the two dealers told me he is really starting to sell the Vanguards this year. We talked about LS a little, and he thought maybe the word was getting around now due to places like this. He said that if guys wanted a bigger engine than either of those two choices he normally ordered in the 36 Vanguard BB.
Selling the old Kawi 31 which is now rated at a 27 hp engine is more than likely the reason they are the same price. They are attempting to get the old 31's out of their stock. The 32 Vanguard is a much stronger engine than the old style Kawi 31, honestly there would be no comparison, but then again, the BB 32 Vanguard feels equally as strong as the old style BB 37 Kawasaki (as they called it)

I cannot give a comparison on the new 31 because of never operating a mower with this engine. I will say the new Kawasaki 35 (which they called 37 before) on the new Hustler Super Z felt equally as strong as the big block Vanguard, but then again, I never cut anything to call on the extra power.

The older model BB Kawasaki kept the governor in hunt mode constantly, and this was one of the reasons I explained to their company that the fuel usage was so extreme. They told me at that time they were working on an E-Choke to help relieve the high fuel usage. I spoke with them within the last two months and was told the better fuel numbers were coming from the new head design, and the E-Choke had not yet been implemented. Kawasaki also told me there had been no problems with their BB engines since the new head design was put into place, but yes, they had many problems before the new heads were installed.
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