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Originally Posted by oughtsix View Post
. . . So I filled the engine with the supplied oil , filled the gas tank with last years gas and pulled the start cord. In accordance with Honda's reputation the engine amazingly started on the very first pull. . .

I immediately set to work at knocking down the freshly soaked lawn portion of my yard. On the second lap I noticed the bag to be very heavy and the mower to be very back heavy. So I pulled the bag (This bag is huge in comparison to the Toro!!!) and lugged it over to the grass disposal pile (Man was the bag heavy!). . . The Honda ripped through the soaking grass without flinching. The huge mouth on the bag made emptying it very easy without the heavy wet grass gettting stuck in the bag. . .
The Honda never choked and never stalled.
The best part about a Honda mower, is that you can remove every instance of the word "Honda" in that description you wrote which I quoted, and replace it with "Brand X", and every Honda owner will still know that there's only one mower than can do all that.

I too love the fact that I can step to the side as I run the mower under a leaning tree, and I too have had the throttle turned off a couple of times by branches. If it really bothered me, I'd probably make something that would deflect branches around it, but it hadn't happened enough for me to care.

Oh, and I mulch, but if I did bag, it would be a lot easier to disengage the blade clutch, and drive the mower over to the grass pile, rather than lug the bag all the way there. LOL.
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