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Originally Posted by easy-lift guy View Post
Save your money and increase your budget to afford a Honda or the like. Don't buy junk in the first place.
easy-lift guy
Originally Posted by MS_SURVEYOR View Post
I feel the same way. Junk is junk. Cheaper in the short run. But will cost in the long haul.

Thy this Honda.

Model # HRR216VKA

I've used this model this past spring. Cost just a little more but does a good job.

My sentiments exactly, almost!

Originally Posted by 1999frontier View Post
Our Sears store closed about 6 months ago and our Home Depot closed about 2 years ago. I was looking on Lowes's website and I saw a Troy Bilt with bagger for $279, then I saw a Husqavarna (however you spell it) for about $339. I think the Hus. had a Honda engine on it, but I haven't looked at it in person. I think the cheapest Honda mower I've seen is like $399.
Not sure how handy/knowledgeable you are about lawn equipment but I scored a Honda mower on Craigslist that should have been well over $500 for about half that.
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