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Originally Posted by JBLandscaping11 View Post
nice man. i see in your sig you got a 755 and a 36" scag wb. whats the story on those two items? how do you like them?
the 755 holy crap!!! ive only had handhelds before and a 413 bp from home depot. if i hold my handheld down on my gravel driveway it will move the rocks around pretty good the 755 same spot will make a 3'' hole. great power, i only use it in the spring and fall for grass clippings and leaves i love it love it
the scag i bought for a 100 bucks without a transmission,so i took it all apart and replaced all the belt, spindle pulleys, rear tires, full tuneup and painted everything else that need it. still no trans for it but it was fun to work on it while theres no grass to cut. trying to sell it right now but might put a trans in it if i cant sell it , everything on the mower is new, got 800 into it already
Ford F150
6'6'' x 14' open trailer
5' x 9' open trailer
60''/28hp John Deere 757 zero turn
60'' John Deere 757 zero turn
48''/17hp John Deere 7H17 walk behind
22''/6.5hp Toro Personnal Pace push
19"/4hp Bluebird aerator
2 Echo trimmers, 3 blowers, 1 hedge trimmer
1 Husqvarna trimmer/edger/hedger/pole saw
14'' Stihl TS400 concrete saw
and a bunch of other crap a solo operator needs
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