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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
Not sure how much of your 1/4" evaps, but I'm sure if it's hot and dry its a measurable amount so you would factor that in with Kiril's math.
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Kiril's math is right on. Problem is it is not static. It changes hour by hour.

We can look at historical data and set up prorgams based on monthly data and hope the HO's change the program. We can program ET controllers.

The bottom line is many things can go wrong and often do. These are mechanical systems, designed to deliver water. There are issues with design, maintenance and operation.

HERE is the big issue. We all need to know how to work these systems correctly or big brother will decide, Turf bad.... cost water, make lawns illegal.

It is already happening. EPA water sense is working on reducing turf and setting standard on water use that will keep turf from being viable.

Hacks to remain un-named are likely to make that happen faster.
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