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Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
If a micro manager knows what the hell he's talking about I can live with that. If the MM is a money/time whiner I can't deal with that. My attitude is they need to learn to become good customers.
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If the MM does not know what he is talking about and just making life hard, he had better knock it off fast. I will accommodate quite a bit from people, however that ends under the above circumstances. I can deal with picky, perfectionist people because I am cut from the same cloth. Rules are to let me do what I need to do unhindered by money or issues not related to horticulture. Trust. Either someone trusts me or they would be happier dealing with someone else because I will not entertain paranoia. A common issue in my state is security of the property. If I am locked out of the property or important parts of the property such as garages/rooms where the controller is mounted, that is not my problem. It becomes the client's problem in a New York second.
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