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Originally Posted by turbosl2 View Post
I guess. I just set it to start at 6pm and it will end about 5.5hrs later. Most zones are going 20-30mins, this includes all zones.
So it will water all zones for (or all but 2) every day at 6pm.
Then it will water the front onces again at 3am on even days and then the back will be on odd days.
Watering that late in the day is going to invite brown patch, dollar spot, and other fungus growth. Starting at 5AM would be better. I also question watering every day. I don't know the details of your property, but there are few scenarios where full daily watering is beneficial, and the downsides are considerable. With sandy soil you have a big margin of error, but there is no reason that I can see to use irrigation practices known to have potentially deleterious effects in terms of disease, soil leaching, runoff, and excessively, shallow root development.

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