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Originally Posted by turbosl2 View Post
I guess. I just set it to start at 6pm and it will end about 5.5hrs later. Most zones are going 20-30mins, this includes all zones.
So it will water all zones for (or all but 2) every day at 6pm.
Then it will water the front onces again at 3am on even days and then the back will be on odd days.
Putting water down in the evening will catch up to you by your lawn getting a disease sooner or later.

On LI I normally water 90 minutes once a week. Lawn shows needs water at 4/5 days when no rain and high temperatures. So I may move up watering a day. Shallow watering keeps the lawn from growing it's roots deeper.

Edit to add, I use the tuna can math forumla.
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