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Originally Posted by turbosl2 View Post
I have a tuna can out right now getting a measurement. I will report back in an hr or 2. Its good to hear about not worrying about the disease this time of year. I dont water in the spring very much.
This is the proper way to setup a catch can audit (see pic). If you aren't at least doing it this way you are wasting your time.

Originally Posted by turbosl2 View Post
I got about a 1/4" on areas where i get good coverage and overlap, and i get about 1/8" where the nozzle doesnt cover very well. It seems to drop more water toward the end of the stream.
And in others you might get 1/2" or 1/16". You need a LOT more than one can in order to determine your PR, and more importantly your DU.
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