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Seeded April 26

Here is the new lawn now at about 9 weeks. I called in hydraulic seeded because I thought "Hydroseed" was a trademarked name. See first week's post for a pic of the equipment used. Not owner occupied. Unfortunately, it was seldom watered. Rain was lucky at first, but now it has been hot and dry for at least 3 weeks. Hose box is visible on the right. The ring of green crabgrass around the four young red maple trees(3 visible) indicates they were watered at some point, but only a tiny fraction of the water needed. I think the trees are toast.

A simliar new house owned by the same company 2 blocks away is slightly better. Partly because I suggested to someone there, that they should water it.

A third new house a couple blocks away on a corner was hand seeded by a family. Some speak no English. Very sandy soil. 12,000 sqft. They have been watering like crazy. Thin, weedy, but fairly good results.
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