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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
Negative on that one. This customer lost her husband 3 years ago and has been struggling to pay her bills. She is in her 60's and almosot every year she gets 1, 2, 3 months behind and one day she will come out and pay us. Been like that with her ever since her husband passed. We never said a word because she always did eventually pay and she told us up front about her situation and thanked us for understanding and not cutting her off. Now she found a way to save a few bucks so we are out. This is a 10,000 sq/ft lawn. She even cut back on how often she had it treated so I know she is making all of her decisions based on price. BTW her lawn was always one of the better looking lawns in the neighborhood. Always cut clean and striped in different directions and always trimmed and edged crisp. Nobody is going to be able to come in and do a better job. We have had her neighbor for over 20 years. They did quit a few years ago and went with a bigger outfit. After 2 years they came back. They said they felt we did a better job and it helped that we still had the neighbor that just quit yesterday so both lawns were side by side and in direct comparison every week.

Here is something else she would do once her husband passed. Every year she would get a price from us to trim the bush's, clean the beds out and edge them and mulch. 4 yards of mulch required. Every year we told her it would be the same as previous years. 4 yards of mulch at $60 a yard installed and that also included trimming the bush's, weeding and edging. So that quote was always $240. A couple weeks later we would show up to cut and it would be done. Now who the hell is going to come in and do all of that for less than $240?
You do 4 yards of mulch, bed cleanup and trim the shrubs for $240!! No harm man, but do you realize that you're a lowballer too?!
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