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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
In theory that makes sense. What has happened here is all of these companies hand out fliers every spring and they contain a line at the bottom of the flier where they hand write a price before they stick it on the mailbox. People around here have seen this for the last 5+ years and they are conditioned to "think" anything higher and they are getting ripped off. And the guys doing these lawns for $20 are actually doing a good job. So if you were Joe Blow looking at get your lawn taken care of what would you do? If you witness the guys across the street for a couple years doing a nice reliable job and you ask them for a price and they tell you $20 would you say no? What if you also got a couple other quotes and 2 of them were for $20 and one for $25 and another for $35. Who would you choose considering you already know the guys that quoted $20 do a good job on your neighbors lawn?
Well over $5 it would be from poor customer relationship or there broke. I get a lot of guys that try and take my customers and they laugh rip up the fliers because not only do you get what you pay for but sometimes it's not the price but what you offer that the customer knows NO ONE ELSE WILL MATCH what you give. I told one customer that sure they are $10 a cut cheaper but they will jack up the rate in no time. Each customer varies that you have some may go but most will stay. When it comes to our field seems like the only way to get new customer's is to pray the competition does a poor job or cut prices to get them.
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