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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
One could argue that experience is no substitute for education, or experience without education is not experience at all. People can poke around in the dark for their entire lives and not understand a single thing they are "experiencing", yet that will not stop them from claiming "x" years of experience and any of the other ignorant "book smarts" comments.

Everyone makes mistakes, poor assumptions, etc...., no one is infallible. It is the ones who don't realize or understand they are making mistakes/poor assumptions, then pretend they are some kind of professional and present those mistakes/assumptions as if they were fact ... of course backed by "x" years of experience, which of course makes it right even though it is wrong.
The clearest lesson I have learned on this site, in some part from your comments and criticism, is that understanding "basic concepts" is not enough to be any good at lawn maintenance and renovation. Generalities do not apply to specific situations in many cases.
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