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Originally Posted by Bunton Guy View Post
Im buying a magna would bother me to much that your not sharpening all of the cutting surface on the blade. I don't see why bradley and others can't make it to where you can sharpen 8"+ My hustler blades have a cutting surface all the way to the center bolt.
Right but those $200 blade sharpeners only have 1/2 hp so they sport an 8" wheel which wears out a lot faster than the $700 1.5hp sharpener's 12" wheel, on the other hand if you're only mowing 2 days a week then likely that $190 Bradley might well be the ticket.

But if you think that's aggravating...
On the 1.5hp 12" wheel sharpeners I can't adjust the machine after the wheel is worn down to about 8" there is no more room left in the adjustment and so despite the fact that there's plenty of material left I have to replace the whole wheel!

1/2 hp isn't the most powerful motor and it might bog down under heavy operation but they're a lot cheaper...
Those 12" wheels run north of $100.
Each, plus shipping (and they are HEAVY).

Folks consider all of this before buying any of these machines, you get what you pay for and it's all in the power of the motor and the size of the wheel, then they have to be replaced every so often and a 12" wheel will run you $120+ but at the same rate it lasts a lot longer than the 8" wheel, I still wouldn't buy the most expensive sharpener for a part time operation.

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