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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Good to know considering I am in Florida, change blades daily for two mowers,and have over 100 year round accounts, have had my Bradly for well over a year and have not even uut a dent into the wheel. At this rate my estimated time of a replacement wheel will be at least 5 year. I will think I have gotten my less than $200 worth then. Good insight you have on how this machine will not function for someone doing "real lawn service". Ha What next are you going to tell me to purchase a John Deere because it will be the only commercial mower that will last in day to day operations? Just because you buy the most expensive item does not mean you got the best value. Sometime you have used too much of your lawn boy logic and paid attention to too many LS ads.
I never said anything of the sort.
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