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Originally Posted by mjlcare2 View Post
the only section I found regarding my question is..

5E-14.104 Prohibited Acts.

(3) No licensee, certified operator or identification card holder shall advertise or hold himself out in any manner in connection with pest control as an entomologist, horticulturist, public health engineer, sanitarian, and the like, unless such persons qualified in such field by required professional and educational standards for the title used.

To me that says, I can't advertise that "I" perform pest control if "I" don't have a license..

gray area, I can advertise for my fert guy as I am not advertising that I do the pest control, fert.. but that HE does the service..

I guess I will just have to ask next time I come across somebody from the department

Or you can advertise Pest Control and the Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control will come to you with a nice Fine.

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