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Originally Posted by A.T.T. View Post
I love V-rides! Tell me the pro's and con's of it that you've noticed so far. I would really like to get one, I love my Tiger Cat. It would be nice to save a little space in my trailer. Whats the overall length like compared to a walk behind?
the only cons i found is that the gas tank could be bigger and i think the 2012 have a bigger tank already not a big deal, just would be a luxury for me. so they fixed that. and speed its alot i mean alot faster than my toro grandstand, i think it goes faster backwards than the toro did forward. its hard to stripe straight long lines at full speed, but with alittle practice i will get better and the con will become a pro. its right around 6' and i can put it side ways on the trailer if i had to. i love it the only major thing that bothered me with the mower was, that little extension flap on the platform overlaps the primary platform and has a little step up maybe 1/8'' hardly anything but im flatfooted and hurts after awhile. i cut a rubber horse mat and put it on the platform and all is fixed, you can see it in the picture its 3/4'' thick and adds some more cushion to your feet.
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