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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
If its just fertilizer, it should not have an odor. Check your invoice. In your state, an LCO must notify you of exactly what they applied. My guess is herbicides and urea. Urea is 46 % nitrogen and nothing else. No sulfur, no potassium, and no micronutrients such as iron. This why they have a bad name and give any one who applies liquids to lawns a bad name because of their cheap formulations. I gladly spend $5 or more per 1000 sq ft so that I am doing more than just spraying urea on a lawn.

It looks like this time was TruPower 3 EPA#228-551 and Andersons Fertilizer with .2% Merit insecticide. EPA reg # 432-1349-9198

The first application was Barricade EPA#100-1139

Topdressing is applying a thin layer of material onto a lawn. In your case, that material should be about 1/4-1/2" of finely screened compost. You are a candidate for a machine to come and either blow or spread that material. It is rough work to spread more than a yard of compost. cgaengineer said you need over 50 yards.

It looks like i would need 84yards at a 1/2". So what is this stuff, and where do i get it. I can get black compost/mulch from my town for free. We are only talking a few yards at a time. I am just basciclly raking out mulch? I am interested, but how does a 1/2" of this help my soil structure. Do you have any pics/links?
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