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Originally Posted by Indybuck View Post
Even if the hill is a concern, those are the most extreme locations. the side yard tapers back such that near the back of the property there is no slope concerns. If a rider cannot handle the slope i could cut the steepest part with a push mower. I would still be interested in any opinions on whether or not the half year old dixie chopper at 60% of retail is the best option for me or are there other riders that would knock out a half acre lot well.
On the Dixie Chopper. What model? Please find out. As far as a good deal? Sounds like a GREAT one to me. Say you get a 1,000 hours out of that mower. If he mows 20 hours a year. That's only 2% of the mower life at 60% of the price. Dixie make some good mowers. I remember when they were King Of The Hill! Again. What model?
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