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Originally Posted by turbosl2 View Post
It looks like i would need 84yards at a 1/2". So what is this stuff, and where do i get it. I can get black compost/mulch from my town for free. We are only talking a few yards at a time. I am just basciclly raking out mulch? I am interested, but how does a 1/2" of this help my soil structure. Do you have any pics/links?
Go 1/2 that amount or 1/4 inch per app each spring for a while.

Compost is decomposed yard waste, dairy or sewer sluge. I wonder where the black compost the city has comes from?

All will work but make sure they all are finished cooking, no heat or steam off the compost. All have pros and con's to them hence the need to know the supplier.

Do you have irrigation? Can trucks get in there easy and move around?

Hvaing said that sometimes the city will come land apply for you but not sure if they will do it on a small lot. Hold your nose for a few days. Check that, they might not get that close to a home
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