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First off, Are you ready for the flames?
I am going to make a comment on your spelling and grammar. It indicates that you may well be a younger man. Me and others are going to wonder how old are you?

Not that age relates to price, but being an LLC, or incorporated and carrying the proper insurances does. If you are not properly licences and insured for your area, IE. you would describe your job as on the side or you are going to school then you will not and can not charge what legitimate businesses charge. So be careful about comparing your prices to what people read here.

Well, I think there is a lot for saying you live ya learn, you can up charge a bit for the additional work that he asked you to do but you cant raise to the prices you were talking about. You bid it... your problem.

Anyway, lets hear what you end up doing. Also, if you are not paying insurance or taxes (working as a teen or kid on the side of school) you did not lose your ass. You will get better than 200 (am hoping in addition to materials) and you paid out 60 so your fine. If you are running a proper business you lost your ass on this job and bid the next one better.

Well, sincerely best of luck I like seeing people out there hustling especially young people (remember I am assuming from writing style).

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