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Are Scag what the used to be?

Been using Scag since 97, first one was a 14hp pull start fixed deck wb. Sold my last tiger cub a few years back with almost 4k original hours. Went with exmark because that's what dealer carried. Exmark was good, but dealer starts to carry scag. Soooooo I sell exmarks and buy the 36 and 61 v-ride. The 61 cuts horrible, checked all the regular crap like is it level, pitch, blades. The mower is fast but leaves stringers everywhere, even mowing slow, uncut strips around beds, scalps around turns...sighhhhhhhh. I'm not on the routes daily, but check the work. Pull up to a property with a thick lawn and nearly fired one of the guys. He blames the mower. This week I go on the truck and sure enough, the mower sucks. Even the 36 leaves an uncut strip down the middle in between the blades. Maybe the grass has been extra tall not sure but out of 7 mowers the best cut is either my stander, or vantage. Never had this issue with the 60 lazer maybe the 61 is just to big. Oh well rant over maybe someWithWill help me feel better
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