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Agree with a everyone above. The money you left on the table was the price of the learning expeirience. If you are gonna use a helper don't estimate how long it takes you to do something like DR.NewEarth stated. By the sound of your post, I'm gonna say you are under 18. "Depends on how long it takes me" sounds like something a kid would say. Bid a job with full price, not labor + materials. Again labor plus material sounds like kid bid. If you bid a job & don't know the cost of materials take notes at property, then tell client you will get back to them with a bid after you price materials. If you are under 18, you were probably hired because kids r cheaper than a real LCO. You can't price jobs by what you see on here. You have to know your overhead costs. A large LCO has more overhead so their bid would be hire per man hour than yours. Good Luck on future jobs!
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