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Thank you to everyone that replied as fast as you did. to address a few questions that everyone had:

Age - 27

Reason for doing - extra $ on the side

License/Insured - no for as i only do a few lawns/jobs on the side, but if it starts to take off then i will change this

"deal w it" - i was just refering to some other ppl on this forum that go crazy about spelling/grammer mistakes - that in the long run DO NOT MATTER, like i said this isnt a professional document that im typing just something quick to get my point across. yea being younger we tend to do things differntly and as we think more efficiently then sitting n holding the shift button down or making sure the camma is in the right spot so thers no run on sentence or making sure that every word is spelled correctly well guess what, people dont read the entire word the brian mainly looks at the first and last letter, its been proven.

anyways thank you for the posts/comments and i had a feeling that alot of ppl would say what u all did about just sucking it up and dealing w it , and i will , sure ill add on for the extras that were added but i said a price and ill stick to it .

i love being outsde and working w my hands, as my day job doesnt allow for that . any other tips/suggestions that ppl have to a newbie would be great.

thanks again for your help
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