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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
That is why I think the question is important, so that we would know the reason,,, that an unhealthy plant is unhealthy...
Turf issues come up all the time and we never think as horticulturalist dealing with the husbandry of grass,,, but only quick, 1 step solutions rather than looking at the total environment of a single grass plant...

I am abandoning the idea of talking about anything indepth on this forum... any attempt to establish a train of thought will be derailed instantly... we are a culture of soundbites and cliches and if anyone disagrees it is only personal attacks... in fact looking at the soil at all is mocked, so you can't talk about soil on this forum...
Yes the holistic view is needed. I like to use biologicals as a part of my program others call it snake oil.
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