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Heres some more pics this week. Forgot to take more at other properties but will try and get em next week!
1&2 just some stripes
3rd.. a landscape job. Under the tarps is a mess of ivy and weeds that we have been working on killing off for past year. Tough stuff doesnt die so we had to go hick way of covering with tarps and cover with rock lol Bobcat isnt mine... had to hire someone to do that part
4-6.. nothing to do with lawns but got to take a trip up to South Dakota with one of my friends to take three mopeds out to a friends house up there. Nice little vacation while waiting for the lawns to grow lol
5th pic is me spraying fire hose with a friend. Competition on who has best aim.
6th is when I got to drive their car up a narrow little road up a mountain at 6000 feet elevation. Something i dont do everyday ha
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