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Originally Posted by LawnPatrolNY View Post

Reason for doing - extra $ on the side

License/Insured - no for as i only do a few lawns/jobs on the side, but if it starts to take off then i will change this
As far as insurance goes what will you do if you have an accident? Say you accidentally hit a rock with a trimmer or mower and it goes through an expensive sliding glass door window? What about if that rock hits a passing kid in the head? Can you pay his medical bills? What about the law suit that would fallow? And God forbid the rock killed the kid? I've told this story on here many times of an improperly insured hack up here. He got in an auto accident caused by another vehicle, lost control and took out a number of cars in front of a Lexus dealership. The police report noted that he was using his vehicle for business purposes. Because of this the insurer of the vehicle which caused the accident refused to pay, and so did his insurance. The damage to the vehicles at the dealership were far more costly than what his vehicle insurance policy covers anyways. He ended up being sued by the dealers insurance and went to court and lost. Then the IRS and Department of Revenue got involved and an another can of warms were open. In the end he and his wife lost their home, vehicles, and everything else, have a tax bill they will be paying for years and are on probation for tax evasion until the state and Feds are paid back.

Originally Posted by LawnPatrolNY View Post
has anyone ever underbid a job and added money onto materials, i mean you do drive to the store and not only spend time,gas,your money upfront to buy it ... is it fair to charge accordingly for this ?

Most lagitimate companies do not charge the Custer $200 plus what ever materials cost. You should be able to look at the job and know how many yards of mulch you will need, it's simple math.

As far as your spelling and grammar, there is a nifty little spell check button.
As far as my spelling, I'm on an iPad and my fingers are to fat for the buttons. I apologize in advance if I accidentally missed something
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