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Originally Posted by banjogum View Post
Yeah, I am definitely not a fan at all of the stone either. He seems to think (like many people do) that stone is "cheaper" and less labor intensive in the long run - go figure. I'm still going to try to get him to stick with the mulch but he wants this quote ...
You thinking about yourself loosen money if he goes with rock in the Future
Over the years notice with rock beds the plants root deeper vs mulch beds
Myself if customer want low maintance beds Rock is way to go but if the beds are flowers then yes mulch or moss is the key

With Rock beds you run a blower clean the beds vs mulch you cant have to hand pick stuff out
Weeds will grow any

I push rock all the time any more some the mulch out there cost same as rock
Around here that is
might have more install labor vs mulch the first year but in long run in 3 years mulch will cost more
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