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Originally Posted by LawnPatrolNY View Post
GIA thank you for the input and sorry that we got off to the wrong foot like that. deff have some good advice and i will be looking into insurance for my truck... although i dont think ill save 1400-1600 /yr considering i pay less then that for 2 cars on a policy allready. but anyway like i said if i do decide to stick w this , then i will deff get all the nessesary things that i need , no matter what the cost.

it does make more sense to put all my cost into one and then they can compare apples to apples, lol like i said first quote and did it more on the fly, just didnt seem like it was as much work as i thought it was at first.

bottom line i fudged up on the bid.. ive put the bid in, so im doing the time and work as it sits. im still going to do a great job w it and not skip any corners, thats not who i am .

during this time of being at the job site the owner has already expressed abotu how impressed he is w the work that i do , so i dont see him being a prob w future work around the yard.
The customer may think your future bids are high compared to your first. Maybe tell the guy you are not lookin for extra money for the job this year, but this same job if done next year won't be that low cuz you under estimated time. He may offer to give you more money!

My first season I had done a few 3yd or less mulch jobs & bid my first job over 10yds & I under estimated. Bid 12yds & ended up being 16yds. So I told the client that I wan't lookin for extra cuz I already gave price & just wanted to let them know if I was gonna do it the following year it would be more cuz I under estimated amount of mulch. They knew I was just starting out & insisted I charge them for the extra 4yds. I got lucky, so you may also.
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