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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Its not snake oil when integrated into a complete program. I am not 100% chemical. Most certainly not 100% organic. Organics are used when indicated and in conjunction with not instead of suitable fertilizers. Some of the claims made for "organic" products remind me of when alchemists were the pinnacle of knowledge. Trying to create gold from other elements. Same is true of plant nutrition. Garbage in garbage out and if an element is not present in necessary quantities, organic matter is not a substitute.
You know the alchemist were eventually proven correct in their assumptions?

That being said I get where you were going with it and agree that a hybrid type program can be beneficial up to a point, but if a proper soil is not in place to begin with or a program to replenish the soil organically "e.g." compost that contains the necessary nutrients+OM, a bug in a jug product will NOT magically correct the issues and will still require chemical derived inputs to provide plant growth support in most all circumstances.

I'm aware that chemicals provide a quick fix on the cheap compared.
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