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Funny thing you should ask about its usage.
We are still in a green world that collects chicken fertilizer, pig fert., cow fert. etc. but there is no real mention of urine collection for commercial fertilizers. Or could it be that it already exists and is used in our liquid forms.
I did some research into other biosolid waste materials for usage on grass from sewage facilities. There was a company locally who was starting up and manufacturing a different kind of milorganite. From what I understand it never made it to production for problems of the PC&E.
My real intent is to seek out other natural forms of nitrogen for customer and commercial usage. Since the cost of fertilizer is on the rise, then why can we not find another source.
I am not trying to make my job harder, I am trying to make it easier with the products we already have since I am in a Agricultural area. Most of these natural fertilizers is available but none of the mentioned liquid. If this form of business has a niche in the may already exist that I know of, we can all benefit from liquid usage.
I don't feel that it is a stupid question.......since it is an old practice, yet a green world isn't using its free resources.
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