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Originally Posted by A.T.T. View Post
No thats not a stupid question. We maintain various sizes of accounts. The Lazer is used on most of our residential accounts, along with the walk behind. We have 3 larger accounts that are residential that the Lazer is used on, one is 10 acres, as well as our house/shop which is 8 acres. The Lazer also gets used on most of the commercial accounts.

When we bought out the company that we did, the Scag was part of the deal and was well suited to most of the work we got with the purchase of that company. We had the Lazer from when I worked part time at this and only had a handful of accounts, mostly commercial. The Lazer was payed for, and the Scag was used so I can justify keeping them both.

The Scag would be fine cutting everything if it had to be, its just like a bonus having the Lazer because its a 60. If I were in desperate need of two ZTR's, the Lazer would be a Tiger Cat. I do like the Lazer overall now, I tweaked the deck and played around with the pitch so it leaves a nice cut, but the controls and responsiveness aren't up to par with the Scag.

Huh interesting. Ok makes since. I thought that u bought one and then bought a different brand. What series do u have? That's what confuses me about exmark...
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