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It's inspiring to see others making a similar choice, it just helps to convince me I made the right purchase.

I have 26 hours on mine so far and I can't find a bad thing to say about it. I have been lucky enough to not have to mow wet grass with it and as far a dry grass, it mows excellent. 90% of what I mow here at the old farm are guess what.......old farm fields! It isn't the smoothest lawn terrain you've ever seen, I mow at 4.25"-4.5" on the deck lift scale and it does quite well. I am about to take the blades off to sharpen them for the first time, they aren't cutting tall grass the way the did new. I love the crank jack in the front to raise the machine up to service the deck, what a nice feature.

I'd buy this machine again. Obviously I wouldn't mind have a larger motor, but I really haven't seen the need for it yet.

I enjoy mowing enough with it that I have entertained having 1-2 small accounts in the future.
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